Pleasemark two days on your calendars and join with others around the globe taking the Mantram of Unificationinto your Wednesday (at 12 noon) and Friday meditation.

Meditating on all or part of it as a seed thought, envisioning the Love that Underlies the Happenings throughout the world, be assured and aware of the many participating souls creating a sound of unity and a lighted link around the globe on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The SOUTHERN LIGHTS CENTRE (New Zealand) will be offering an 8 month residential course entitled "Spiritual Realities" commencing in February 2016. Please go to for more information on the course and available facilities. 

MEDITATION QUEST  |  A Course introducing the Fundamentals of Occult Meditation and Esoteric Studies.

To learn more about the course, click here for an overview, description and how to sign up here.

Watch the Lucis Trust  video on Triangles


The Autumn 2017 issue of  Esoteric Quarterly, Volume 13, No. 2  is now available for download at:

Includes articles by  Kenneth Sorensen, Zachary Lansdowne, John F. Nash


From the Unreal to the Real: 

"​Discerning Truth in the Information Age"

Friday 17  November 2017:

Palais des Nations, Geneva, register here

Saturday 18 November:

Cercle d’Orientation Cayla, Geneva

For information and to register, click here

World Goodwill Seminar, London

18 November 2016 - please click here

World Goodwill Seminar, New York

Information and registration here



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2025 Initiative: Libra New Moon Webinar- October 20, 2017

18:00-19:00 GMT  Register here

MEDITATIONS in the ASK-Project – for One Great Unified Effort for the Illumination of Humanity.

SUNDAYS  (Sun Day)​ Live from the Temple of Silence,  Finland with Michael & Tuija Robbins

To see the ASK schedule & to join the broadcast, please click here

Special Events

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The sons of men are one and I am one with them.
I seek to love, not hate.
I seek to serve and not exact due service.
I seek to heal, not hurt

This is a linking, integrating website whose purpose is to encourage, support and  promote the study of the esoteric teachings of the Ageless Wisdom based on the writings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul through his amanuensis Alice A. Bailey.
Here you will discover a wealth of information and resources, including links to reputable esoteric sites around the world, which will help to inform, inspire and facilitate your studies and research into these teachings.
The internet age makes this array of knowledge freely available to all. The purpose of this website is to synthesize and give order to the many ways in which you may approach it.  Students new to this study will widen and deepen their understanding; more experienced students may discover new methods of study and ways of linking up with many global initiatives.
Every sincere student accessing this website will discover the truth that he who walks the Path will never walk alone.

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Seven Ray Institute & University of the Seven Rays

32nd International Conference
The Buddha and the Christ: Radiant Wisdom, All-Pervading Love

Pre-Conferences: April 24 - May 1, 2018
​Main Conference: May 1 - May 6, 2018

​in Chandler, Arizona, USA


WEBINAR:  The Secret Doctrine,  November 26, 2017,  8PM GMT

Episode 3:  The Proem-Part 2

Presented by Morya Federation and Francis Donald. Register here


"This is not easy work. The individual must work on his or her own areas of glamour before he or she can be trusted to work harmlessly in a wider field with group and world glamours. . . Watchfulness is ever necessary and real self-understanding." Michael Robbins

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Invitation to join The MORYA FEDERATION | Esoteric School of Meditation, Study and Service

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