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“The United Nations is still the hope of the world. The leaders of the U.N. are men of rectitude and of spiritual and humanitarian purpose and of authority”. (Externalization of the Hierarchy)
“Through its Assembly and Committees, it must be supported. There is as yet no other organization to which man can hopefully look.” (Problems of Humanity)

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​​​Esoteric Advent is a site that offers an online contemplative Approach to participate in monthly 7-day Solar Fire Full Moon rituals, and seasonal and planetary Festivals in concert with the energies of the stars. Esoteric Advent is intended to be one of the purifying streams of the Christian tradition for the 'new world religion' emerging over the next several hundred years during the Aquarian Age. 'Learning to live as Souls is the need of the hour. . . and the necessity of our times.' 

Esoteric Quarterly is an independent, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the trans-disciplinary investigation of the esoteric spiritual tradition.

“The United Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focussing the conflict between the Dweller and the Angel, and thus the three forms of glamour and the final form of the conflict between the spiritual ideal and its material opponent are appearing simultaneously. The United Nations are, however, gradually and most decisively throwing the weight of their effort and aspiration on to the side of the Angel, thus restoring the lost balance and slowly producing on a planetary scale those attributes and conditions which will eventually dispel illusion, dissipate glamour and devitalise the prevalent maya.”

Glamour: A World Problem

Academy of Wisdom Teaching’s website focuses on the development of esoteric curricula in Europe. This is a comprehensive site providing a vast amount of information for understanding and research into, amongst others, the Science of Meditation, the Science of Initiation, the Science of Cosmology, the Science of Service, the Science of Colour and Sound and Esoteric healing, etc. 

Brisbane Goodwill’s website provides esoteric essays on a variety of subjects, and Esoteric Astrology profiles, essays and an online Astrology Course.

Comunita' di Etica Vivente is a residential spiritual  Community located near Città della Pieve (Italy) in the hills between Tuscany and Umbria. Its purpose is to be a living demonstration of those  principles which are foundational to the building of a New Civilization. The Community began as a Center for Creative Meditation and Psychosynthesis drawing upon the study and application of  Living Ethics derived from the Agni Yoga teachings as well as the work of Alice Bailey and later, Lucille Cedercrans. The Community offers programs and seminars on psycho-spiritual education.

Eila Laurikainen's website Esoteric Sciences is a rich archive of Ageless Wisdom teachings, powerfully invocative artwork and meditations.                       


Full Moon Meditations provides information about full moon meditations and groups, and audio presentations of The Great Invocation

Heidi Rose Robbins’site Live Your Radiant Life offers poetry, esoteric astrology, workshops, retreats, videos and much more.

Hechal: not an esoteric site but related, Hechal is a group in Jerusalem which has worked since 1997 for the improvement of human relations, primarily through meditation as a service to Humanity. Hechal means Temple or Lighted Space in Hebrew and in Arabic. The group is developing the pioneering work of Roberto Assagioli on the Psychosynthesis of a Nation as applied to the Jewish people. 

iFaith Messages is a site of inspiring videos related to the Ageless Wisdom from a Christian viewpoint. 

​Istituto Di Psicosintes
i   not an esoteric site, but related: The Institute of Psychosynthesis, Florence, Italy, which was the home of the father of psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli (Casa Assagioli) , the archives of his work, and is the centre for the dissemination of his teachings. 

The Institute for Planetary Synthesis is an NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and was founded in 1981 in Geneva. It aims at reawakening an awareness of spiritual values in daily life and promoting planetary awareness, leading to planetary citizenship based on the spiritual values: love of truth, personal responsibility, sense of justice, constructive co-operation and selfless service of the greater whole. The Institute works to make known the 10 seed-group structure, the 10 fields of service*, as a possible basis for the future world culture and civilisation. ​
* The ten fields of service are: education, politics, religion, science, psychology, economics (including finance), communication (including telepathy), enlightened observation, healing and creativity.​​

Light Weaver by Duane Carpenter is an extensive in-depth resource for all things esoteric, including writings, videos, mandalas, and music, making use of quality audio-visuals. It offers multiple translations of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.

Lucis Trust is the umbrella website for the Arcane School, a correspondence school for esoteric studies, the Lucis Publishing Company, Triangles Work, World Goodwill and Lucis Productions. The Lucis Trust was incorporated in the United States in 1922 by Alice and Foster Bailey. This site provides free access to all 24 of the Alice Bailey books online, numerous resources and videos, information on conferences and full moon meetings, and much more.

Malvin Artley's website is dedicated to bringing together the two great streams of astrology, East and West. Visitors to the site will appreciate Malvin's extensive archive of articles and resources pertaining to these mutually inclusive, interconnected traditions. 

MaKaRa website provides a vast reference archive of the Ageless Wisdom writings, the collected works of Michael Robbins online, and texts, compilations and articles by classic and modern esoteric thinkers.

Mandala Messages website of inspiring videos, your  "online oracle", for every meaningful subject, including Philosophy, Religion, Children, Emotions, etc,  inspired by an array of teachings

Meditation Mount is a meditation and study centre in Ojai, California. Their website states, "Our mission is to promote the building of an enlightened and compassionate world through the power of creative meditation, inspirational educational programs, and community-based events focused on the practical application of the following universal spiritual principles: Right human relationships, unanimity, goodwill, spiritual approach, group approach and essential Divinity."

Monadic Media is a YouTube channel providing an array of videos related to the Ageless Wisdom

Morya Federation is a school of esotericism whose central meeting place is an online internet campus. Its vast website provides an extensive range of free study materials and resources, including webinar events, extensive commentaries on the Alice Bailey books, webinar courses, an archive of writings, talks and student papers, and several online esoteric study courses.

Morya Federation Facebook Page is a group page for dialogue, events’ announcements and sharing between Morya federation friends, faculty and students.

Morya Federation YouTube Channel provides teachings on a wide range of subjects including Seven Ray workshop videos, the annual conference of the Seven Ray Institute, and readings on Esoteric Astrology.

NGSM is a Spanish-speaking nucleus of the New Group of World Servers in Latin America, Spain  and the United States, inspired by the life and work of Catalonian mystic and occultist Vicente Beltrán-Anglada for the implementation of the Threefold Hierarchical Project and the revelation of a novel (Second Ray) approach to Agni Yoga.

Path of Light website includes wisdom teachings, meditations, a wide range of books and other products as well as a host of downloads, an audio listening room and a colour test for healing.

Phillip Lindsay’s website Esoteric Astrologer is comprised of his writings on Esoteric Astrology, books and video presentations. It offers a free comprehensive newsletter at each monthly full moon period and includes archives of his writings and other students of the Wisdom. His other website,, is a major life  project concerning the esoteric history and astrology of the earth, cycles, rootraces and nations.

Personal Identity Profile (PIP II) is a unique self-assessment tool which is based on the Seven Rays, part of the Ageless Wisdom, and used to help people gain insight into themselves, their purpose and life direction.

School for Esoteric Studies is a non-profit educational group that has been serving the spiritual community since 1956. The school provides discipleship training by correspondence (in English, Italian, and Spanish) based on the Ageless Wisdom teachings as compiled by Alice Bailey and Master Djwhal Khul, with an emphasis on meditation, study, and service and designed to produce World Servers.

Seven Ray Institute & University of the Seven Rays website provides programmes and aids for learning about the Seven Rays, an esoteric concept first spoken of in The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky and later expanded upon by Alice Bailey. This site includes information about their annual conference, their teaching teams, astrology and rayology readings, a selection of articles and a store.

Society for Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL) provides a programme of esoteric studies and meditation to increase the awareness and expression of the qualities of soul and the strength of group soul, to reveal the One Life, and to help people live more effectively in their everyday lives. The curriculum includes five ten-weekend courses, several email correspondence courses, group meditations, full moon meditations, study groups and twice yearly retreats. Audio tracks of meditation visualizations can be downloaded from the site. 

Sol Invictus Universalis is a website created by Halina Bak-Hughes and inspired by the Ageless Wisdom teachings. Invocative images, sacred text, inspiring music and educational content combine alchemically opening portals into the Sacred and the living world of the Soul. 

Soul Bridging is a comprehensive site which presents current and classic pearls of wisdom through a wide variety of media, and includes links to esoteric education, conscious forms of entertainment, meditation videos and multiple resources for spiritual transformation.

Southern Lights Centre is the newly reconfigured site for the New Zealand Meditation School founded by Lawson Bracewell (1943 - 2014). The school's current teaching programme is facilitated by Julia and Orest Tarnawsky. Service activities include retreats, talks and meditations in conjunction with the Full Moon, an online webinar series studying the Alice Bailey books and teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, a WOOFing programme (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), and beautiful meditation temple known as The Silent Space. 

Spiritual Life TV Channel, the initiative of Olivia Hansen, features wisdom teachings from many spiritual traditions and a host of videos of significant spiritual teachers, as well as online meditations.

Sundial House Group and the International Group for Creative Meditation offers a correspondence course in spiritual development written by the founder of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli. It is designed to be available on-line or in written form in English. This Course trains students in Creative Meditation and introduces and deepens the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the Laws and Principles of the Soul. Applying these in everyday living is a worldwide group service which is essential for the birthing of the New Era. A unique feature of this Sundial House Course is the 1-2-1 mentoring support for years 1 to 3 and is stated to be particularly valued by Sundial students past and present. This support is experienced as crucial in establishing a regular practice of transformational meditation. Sundial House also offers group gatherings and residential courses at the Centre near Battle in East Sussex, UK. 

TanAcademy  is a website offering information and knowledge about The New Psychology. The site focusses mainly on the dissipation of glamour. The starting point is that everything is energy and that the soul is the center or basis of life. To be able to express this soul-energy, we must become aware of the fact that glamour is around us and that we are immersed in it. Glamour is like a mist and preventing us to see clearly. It can be compared with the peelings from an onion.When it is peeled, nothing remains, only the soul as an all-embracing and loving energy.
This site offers the opportunity to those who are interested, individually or as a group, to study the Constitution of Man in a spiritual, educational, psychological, medical or a general scientific way, offering  a better understanding of and insight in human evolution and in questions such as: where are we coming from and what is the purpose of our life?

Triangles of Light is a centre for the formation of a worldwide network of triangles and a resource on all things related to Triangles Work.

2025 Initiative provides a shared peer-learning and meditative online space for groups and individuals from around the world to meditate together in support of the vision of the new civilization and to share experiences in living and manifesting spiritual laws and principles in everyday life. Monthly solar festival webinars and interactive presentations on various topics relating to the advancement of humanity are archived and freely available on this site.Type your paragraph here.