Soulful Connections  is designed for clarity, simplicity and ease of use. Each Esoteric Site carries with it a brief paragraph which highlights some significant features of that site, distinguishing those that are schools and offer courses, from those that provide other resources and information. There are inevitably overlaps between these various offerings however each site is unique in itself and well-designed and has been chosen for use in Soulful Connections because of its quality and integrity.

Esoteric Sites is where you will embark upon a journey into a world of esoteric study, insights and exploration to which you will want to devote time and space in order to fully appreciate. The link summaries will help you decide where to begin. Please take your time to visit here and return again and again, each site a new home,  a new world to explore and absorb, there for you for eternity.

Resources  will take you to a link for books and writings which are key to this study. Lists of titles, authors, ways to borrow and links to books available free online are provided.

Recommended Reading  will take you to a list of books that will serve you well as an introduction to some of the basic principles of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, although this is entirely a matter of taste and interest.  It will also guide you into looking deeper and extending your studies.

Media will offer a sample of what audio and visuals are available online. Please keep an eye out for new arrivals.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'sacred utterance' or 'numinous sound'. On this page you will find a number of sacred prayers whose spiritual resonance is deepened when spoken aloud as part of a daily practice.

Contacts  please use this section to comment, ask questions or pose suggestions or requests for your study, which we will do our best to provide.  

Final note: This is an expanding website which will in future include articles, blogs, events, current webinars, a linking with Facebook for community discussions and other linking and informative aspects for Connections. Therefore, do check back from time to time. We hope you will stay connected.